Digitalization and work potentials, challenges for labour market and trade union movement

The EFFAT seminar in Antalya, Turkey on April 12, 2019.

FES / EFFAT meeting

FES / EFFAT meeting

EFFAT representative Kristjan Bragason informed the participants about the further activities of EFFAT, including the campaign, which aims to attract new members.

In addition to this priority issue, EFFAT is very much interested in internal restructuring as well as deepening cooperation between this organization and SEE Council. Digitalization is without a doubt a major challenge, especially in the tourism sector.                                                       

In his introductory presentation, Milan Jevtic presented the current situation in Germany about the topic, with the political and trade union views. Participants' discussions can be presented in several points. The digitization process is at its beginning in the SEE region, trade unions need a good preparation to answer that question. This process is becoming increasingly important in the agricultural and tourism sectors, with its positive (advantages) and negative (disadvantages) sides. Strong support for the SEE trade unions should come from the EU, but at this moment social model in the EU is very vulnerable.

Digitization is contributing to alienation in the world of work, making trade union work more difficult. Nevertheless, trade unions should not resist this process, but seek the best solutions for their survival. Trade unions need to find the appropriate models to be more active in the digitization process. This regional platform (SEE Council), through the exchange of experience can give them a lot of support.

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