Digitalization in trade

Trade forum in SEE had its meeting on May 9 in Bar, Montenegro. The topic of the seminar was digitization and its impact on the working conditions in the trade.

FES / trade forum

FES / trade forum

In the first part of the seminar Milan Jevtic had an introductory presentation on the topic. He emphasized a few important points of this topic in Germany: Artificial Intelligence Strategy,

a discussion paper of the German Confederation of Trade Unions and the current situation in  retail trade - examples of digital solutions in stationary retail, facts and forecasts.  

Further discussion showed different levels of digitization in trade in Southeastern Europe. In many countries, there is great concern about the loss of jobs and new working methods.

In particular, the older generation of workers has problems with digitization because it is something new and unknown. Education systems are not following the new trends, workers need training in this area.

According to some participants, digitization brings alienation, job loss and further deterioration of working conditions. The following conclusions were adopted:

- The national laws need to be adapted in order to be able to follow the new forms of work in connection with digitization;

- Education systems are outdated, it is necessary to follow digitization with the new forms of training;

- National governments must develop the appropriate strategies;

- Retraining needs to be funded by the employer.

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