Rehabilitation of railway infrastructure

The forum of the railways trade unions of southeastern Europe has been working for many years, discussing the most important topics for the sector.

Members of the forum gathered in a seminar in Durres, Albania on 24 April 2019 to deal with the rehabilitation of the railway structure in their countries.

FES/ railway trade unions

FES/ railway trade unions

In the first part of the seminar Florian Vrobel, representative of EVA Academy from Berlin, had an introductory presentation. The turning point was the German Rail Reform in 1994, since then there are three components in the company (DB), one of them is infrastructure. In addition to presenting the current situation, he cited the requirements of the German trade union EVG under the Motto "More Railway for the people".

In the region is the situation very different from country to country. Some countries have their own strategy about the railway infrastructure, others will create it.  The experience so far has shown the bad consequences of the division of railway companies into transport and infrastructure, as trade unions are weakened. The division the company to transport and infrastructure is also the main cause of the inadequate funding of the infrastructure, which is in a bad condition. 

The common denominator for all countries is that road transport takes precedence and therefore few investments in railways. Therefore, rehabilitation of railway infrastructure is not only an important issue for the railway unions, but also for the whole society.

Railway trade unions must play a key role in the adoption and implementation of state railway strategy.

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