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Young trade unionists from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland met in Prag for one weekend to learn and discuss about Social justice.

CEYTUN 12th meeting group picture

CEYTUN 12th meeting group picture

In recent years the distribution of profit and wealth has become increasingly unfair. In many European countries not everyone can live in dignity and social justice is deteriorating. Workers across one of the most developed continents are not satisfied with their working conditions, income and overall life situation. Members of CEYTUN (central european young trade unionist network) decided to raise more attention to these issues and focused on what social justice means in practice during their 12th meeting from 5-7 April 2019 in Prague.

The participant’s perception of social justice is a situation where no one is left behind. Social justice is achieved if everyone in society, regardless of their nationality, sexual orientation, gender, religion, economic status, origin, age or ethnicity, has equal opportunities. The European Union and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) are the relevant institutions to ensure equality among societies, as the promotion of the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) has shown. Since the EPSR is not yet legally binding, we have to make it real.

CEYTUN members find important in their countries:
-    reducing working time without less pay to give employees more independence,
-    fighting tax evasion to redistribute wealth,
-    providing affordable housing.

Trade unions, wherever they act, should be more sensitive and point directly at social injustice and especially young people should be educated and informed about social rights, workers’ rights and trade unions rights. As young trade unionists, CEYTUN members will continuously work on these issues and encourage their colleagues to join the action. 

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