Social Responses to Digitalisation


Digital automation of work brings many uncertainties in employment and social conditions for different groups of the society.

Even if it is important to focus on new technical skills that are required to perform ‘jobs of the future’, there is also a need to look beyond the skill discourse, by addressing such issues as the quality of these new jobs and the social partner contributing to policy-making process.


The following topics are included:

  • Upskilling, reskilling and training
  • Women in STEM 
  • Social rights and protection
  • The voices of the youth
  • Vulnerable groups
  • New ways of organising and collective bargaining

Our Activites

01.05.2021 | Trade Union Youth

Labour Day 2021: Voices of essential workers (video)

On Labour Day, essential workers from different European countries explained what work means to them and what they want for the future of their work.


30.03.2021 | Trade Union Youth

Digital Organising: A useful tool for trade union movement

On March 30, the Baltic Organising Alliance (BOA), UNI Global and the FES CompCen 'Future of Work' organised a training on Digital Organising.


15.02.2021 | Event, Trade Union Youth

A Youth Recovery: Time for Quality Jobs! (How) Will Europe prevent a Lost Generation?

On Februrary 15, the ETUC Youth Committee and the FES Competence Center Future of Work organized a high-level conference on youth recovery.

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