Organizing Strategies

Building new membership is a key task for trade unions in the region in order to regain organizational power. We support the development of innovative organizing strategies through an integrated approach which entails a rethinking of broader trade union objectives and ways of operating.

Building new membership is a key task for trade unions in the region, especially among under-represented groups. Since the collapse of the communist regimes, trade union density in CEE and SEE has been on the decline and Unions often lack institutional support as well as public legitimacy. In order to regain organizational power and demonstrate their capacity to defend workers’ rights, Unions must take the challenges of recruitment, representation and mobilization seriously. The Baltic Organizing Academy (BOA) one of our cooperation partners, has been operating very successfully in the Baltic region in the past years. We are supporting the regional exchange of best practices between BOA and other organizations. However, organizing is not only a toolkit which can be applied, but developing innovative organizing strategies requires an integrated approach in which trade unions rethink their broader objectives and ways of operating. Trade Unions in the region often face the challenge of satisfying their traditional membership base while taking into account the interest of newly recruited members.

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